Sustainability Practices

Hi! My name is Amanda R. Martinez, the human behind The Slow Seeker. The heart behind this small woman & minority-owned business is social & environmental impact. That means caring for others, this planet, and ourselves. I commit to being conscious of the resources and materials I use. I understand that every decision I make regarding this business causes a chain reaction, and my hope is that it causes a positive one! I’m not an expert, but I plan to seek progress over the unattainable idea of perfection. I plan to iterate, iterate, iterate until one day, our collective social & environmental efforts create ethical supply chains & restorative environmental change. Are you with me?!
-Amanda R. Martinez
Founder, The Slow Seeker
Sustainable Packaging Practices

As an online business striving to keep the environment in mind, it’s VVVV important that our packaging reflects those values. We use 100% recycled poly mailers which are made entirely of post-consumer and post-industrial content. We also use 100% Recycled Kraft Tissue Paper which is also made entirely from post-consumer & post-industrial content and is recyclable and naturally biodegradable itself! 

How you, as a conscious consumer, can help close the loop:

  • Make someone’s day by reusing your poly mailer to ship a surprise carepackage to a friend or family member!
  • Get organized! Reuse your poly mailer to hold loose items together. 
  • Travel with it! Reuse your poly mailer as a travel shoe bag or small laundry bag.
  • Save $$$! Reuse tissue paper and twine for special occasion gifts!  
Sustainable shipping practices

We ship all domestic orders through USPS. In an effort to offset emissions made by shipping, The Slow Seeker has partnered with Cloverly, a company that calculates carbon emissions and purchases offsets and Renewable Energy Credits in real-time to mitigate the environmental impacts of everyday activities--aka making sure our online purchases make a positive environmental impact! ;) 

Sustainable product practices
The Slow Seeker Shop:

Did you know that textile production has created more greenhouse gases than international flights and maritime shipping COMBINED?! Let that sink in! To reduce carbon emissions and textile waste, all items included in the shop are secondhand. If you want to read more about circular fashion and its benefits, click here


By purchasing secondhand, you and I reduce our carbon footprint, divert trash out of landfills AND pressure larger retailers to rethink their supply chain & waste strategies. Additionally, if I can’t repair/refurbish clothes or jewelry on my own, I turn to other small businesses in my community for help! The Slow Seeker may be a small business, and you and I may not have large-scale influence, but our dollars and actions create ripple effects! 


What you, as a conscious consumer, can do to close the loop: 

  • Educate yourself on our circular economy and our existing supplychain structures (stay tuned for easy-to-follow content on my IG account)! 
  • Start normalizing secondhand purchases by proudly showing off your thrifted finds! 
  • Look at what you already own and reinvent it! You’ll be surprised just how far your exisiting closet can take you! 


Amanda R. Martinez by Lozano Travel:

Understanding that my travel advising services negatively affect our planet through transportation emissions, I seek alternative ways to offset that through adopting the responsible tourism practice. 


Dr. Harold Goodwin, of the Responsible Tourism Partnership, said it best, responsible tourism is about "making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit." This practice requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility and action to make tourism more sustainable.


I’ve seen the positive and negative impacts this industry has on communities, so as a Lozano Travel advisor, I seek (and LOVE love loveeee) to empower local businesses around the world by curating unique travel experiences for my clients! I think there’s a smart and conscious way of traveling and I’m ready to guide my clients through that! 


What you, as a conscious consumer, can do to close the loop: 

  • When traveling, always try to support local restaurants, hotels and tour operators. 
  • Ask what they are doing to combat climate change or sustainability practices.
  • Keep them accountable! If they currently do not have these practices in place, tell them how important it is that they should. Your feedback is typically heard since many of these vendors seek repeat customers.