What is slow travel?

How often do you look up a word and find that there are about a million different definitions and interpretations for it? For me, it’s wayyyy too often. SO I wanted to give you a simple, high-level view of slow travel! My hope is that this sparks curiosity in you and, as a result, leads you to find MORE resources and MORE ways to put complicated, jargon-y words into practice! 

To make this interesting (at least in my mind), let’s dive in by using a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown!  

5 things you might’ve not known about slow travel

  • Slow travel is an approach to travel that emphasizes a connection with the local people, culture, food and music.
  • Many tour companies that we see when traveling are not local and therefore compete against local businesses that have relied on tourism as a means of sustainability for generations. 
  • The positive side of tourism, is that it generates jobs, stimulates the local economy and develops infrastructure.
  • However, the downside is that many of these jobs are not given to locals, much of the revenue is kept by outside investors, anddddd the overwhelming tourist crowds often keep locals from being able to enjoy the infrastructure benefits.
  • The concept of slow travel encourages us to take the time to appreciate our new surroundings, to instead travel in a more meaningful & respectful way by connecting with the location’s people, its culture, its heritage and food.

4 Resources

  • Email list: Afar
  • Listen: Women Who Travel Podcast
  • Pinterest: Where I turn to when I’m curious about a destination
  • Watch: Down to Earth with Zac Efron (Netflix)

3 ways to put this into practice

  • Don’t overpack your itinerary!! Instead, leave room to peacefully walk around, sit in a local coffee shop orrrr picnic at a park! 
  • Google “locally-owned restaurants” or “local small businesses.” A little bit of research ahead of time makes SUCH a difference to a community!
  • Learn local common phrases. Ex: Hello, excuse me, thank you, goodbye, where is the restroom! This instantly shows someone that you're trying to assimilate & respect their culture anddd it gives you the confidence to move around the area more freely! 

2 slow travel brands I love

  1. Lozano Travel // Click here to learn more about the family-owned travel agency I work with! 
  2. Wild Terrains // $200 off your next trip!

1 way to get started 

A practical way to get started in your slow travel journey is to be mindful of the activities you’re planning on during your travels! Which tours are you thinking about taking? Which hotels or Airbnbs are you looking into? Are they local? Google, Pinterest and Instagram are your bestfriends during this process! 

If all of that planning stresses you out, contact a travel advisor (cough cough, wink wink) so they can help plan a trip tailor-made to your values!

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