What is Slow Fashion?

How often do you look up a word and find that there are about a million different definitions and interpretations for it? For me, it’s wayyyy too often. SO I wanted to give you a simple, high-level view of slow fashion! My hope is that this sparks curiosity in you and, as a result, leads you to find MORE resources and MORE ways to put complicated, jargon-y words into practice! 

To make this interesting (at least in my mind), let’s dive in by using a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown!  

5 things to know about slow fashion

  • A movement created in reaction to fast fashion: think H&M, Forever21 & any brand that pushes out hundreds of new items a week.
  • It considers & recognizes the entire garment-making process: from how the fabric was produced to the fair treatment of people, animals & our planet.
  • Slowing down your clothing's lifecycle: opting to repair, swap, thrift & rent clothing in order to extend its use.
  • Good for our planet: With the fashion industry being the second largest contributor to global landfills, slow fashion helps us shift from a disposable mindset to a sustainable one.
  • Fair + ethical opportunities for artisans: Excessive production, consumption & overcomplicated supply chains often exploit people creating our garments. The Slow Fashion Movement keeps those systems accountable. #PAYUP

4 Resources

  • Listen: Conscious Chatter 
  • Read: The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth Cline
  • Follow: @ajabarber @venetialamanna @remakeourworld
  • Watch: True Cost (Netflix or Youtube) 

3 ways to put this into practice

  • Follow your care label instructions: This will prolong the life of your garment!
  • Purchase from "sustainable" or "ethically-made" brands: Caveat: Greenwashing is VERY present in the “slow fashion” industry (more on that later) but for now, make sure these brands explicitly talk about the impact its merchandise has on a social & environmental level (you can email them if it’s not clear)!
  • Opting for thrift or vintage clothing (*cough, cough* *wink, wink*)! Doing so slows down a garment’s typical lifecycle, which is GREAT for the environment &&& our bank accounts ;)

2 slow fashion brands I love

  1. Nisolo // Discount code here!
  2. VETTA // No discount code but I LOVE their mission & the two pieces I treasure from them. 

1 way to get started 

Slow down the lifecycle of the clothes you *ALREADY* own.

Save the money you'd traditionally spend on a shopping spree & eventually invest in good quality clothing made by brands who support their garment workers & our planet!


What is slow fashion?

5 things to know about slow fashion

4 slow fashion resources

3 ways to put slow fashion into practice

2 slow fashion brands I love

1 way to get started with your slow fashion journey

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