The 5-7-8 breathing technique & how it can help you!

The 5-7-8 breathing technique & how it can help you!What is the 5-7-8 breathing technique?How the 5-7-8 breathing technique can help you!


This is a breathing technique I wish I had when I was experiencing extreme anxiety a few years ago!💛

I never really knew how to “control” myself during anxiety or panic attacks other than heavily breathing in & out and waiting for the moment to pass.

I learned this technique at a retreat but it was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil (which was based on ancient yogic technique called pranayama).✨

What I like about this is that it allows you to let go of things we CANT control, like our body’s sudden (often unexpected) fight or flight response, and focus on what we CAN control, like our breathing.

This is something that everyoneeeee has access to and when done on a regular basis, becomes a powerful practice!

Try this out right only requires 20 **seconds** of your day!!

Save this for future use or share this with someone you know might benefit from this💛

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